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The combination of cold plunge and full-spectrum sauna has been used for centuries in Nordic cultures like Finland to rejuvenate the mind and body. The "hot sauna, cold water" technique is also known as the "Nordic Cycle". Cold plunging, or taking an ice bath, has many potential benefits such as reducing muscle soreness, increasing blood flow, supporting the immune system, and more. On the other hand, full-spectrum saunas can help reduce blood pressure, improve relaxation, increase sweating and reduce arterial stiffness, improve endothelial function, and more.

When combined, the hot sauna followed by a cold plunge routine could be key to improving both physical and mental health. According to research done in 2021 at the University of Copenhagen, alternating between chilled water and a hot sauna affects how your brown fat burns energy and produces heat, which can affect how you keep and lose weight. In addition, many people find that the combination can improve blood flow, boost the recovery of sore muscles, rejuvenate skin, and help boost your immune system.

It's important to note that if you have any underlying medical conditions or are pregnant, you should consult with your doctor before trying this technique. Also, it's advisable to start with short sessions of each activity and gradually increase the duration over time. Finally, it's important to stay hydrated before and after each session to avoid dehydration.

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Experience the benefits of our sauna sessions

The benefits of combining cold plunges with sauna therapy include:

  • Reduced blood pressure and arterial stiffness
  • Improved relaxation, circulation, and endothelial function
  • Increased sweating and immunity
  • Weight loss and muscle recovery
  • Reduced inflammation and stress

We call this the Experience Room because we want every customer to experience the Nordic Cycle the way they want. This room will be reserved in 15-minute increments so you can choose how much time you need. We do recommend 30 to 45 minutes 3 to 4 times a week for continual benefits.