Let Go of Stress in Our Meditation Spaces in Winona, MN

Take time to turn off the world around you

Over time, the stress of a busy schedule can take a toll on your mind and body. Take a moment for yourself in our meditation spaces. Transcendence Wellness Center in Winona, MN offers an open space with five sectioned-off meditation spaces. Whether you spend 10 or 45 minutes in our room, you're sure to leave feeling grounded and relaxed.

Book your time in one of our meditation spaces today.

Breathe in wellness

You won't regret spending time at Transcendence Wellness Center in Winona, MN. Our sectioned-off meditation spaces hold:

  • Shakti mats
  • A chi machine
  • Warming mats
  • Rainbow Chakra PEMF Inframats
  • An inHarmony meditation cushion
  • An OPUS vibroacoustic SoundBed

We encourage you to set aside three days a week or every other day to use our meditation spaces. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions.